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Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world, located mainly in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. It shares the territory of the Eurasian continent with the European continent. Asia covers an area of ​​44,579,000 square kilometers (17,212,000 mi), about 30 percent of the world’s total area and 8.7% of the world’s total. Asia has the largest continental economy with GDP Nominal and PPP in the world and is the fastest-growing economic region. As of 2018, the largest economies in Asia are China, Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, and Turkey-based GDP on both the terms and the PPP. Based on Global Office Locations 2011, Asia owned office space and 4 of the top 5 Asian countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul. About 68 percent of overseas firms have offices in Hong Kong.

Asia’s countries are presented as the top Asian business and management in the whole world. Here are many topics and important issues related to asian‘s business and management that are less seen on the other sites may be some restrictions. Under this observation, there is a need to build an astonishing (Asia business insider) site that offers to access to all Asian business values ​​in one place without limits.

Asia Business Insider is launched in 2022 and is based in Islamabad Pakistan founded by Ch. Hamza Ishfaq with knowledge of new production methods that helps transform and create processes within the visible and controlled environment. In addition to providing and analyzing business growth sites, we cover top stories on a variety of topics.

Ch. Hamza Ishfaq chief editor and CEO of Asia business insider have a great dream to work with all Asian business organizations to fight the next world in a unique way. Over time the growth of the market increases with the technical and daunting problems the world is facing, it needs to be explained the right solutions on the right Subjects.

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        The Asia countries’ populations chart

The land of Asian’s business development and growth

RankCountry(or dependent territory)% ofAsia’spopulationSource
1 China31.35Preliminary 2020 census result
2 India29.72National Population Clock
3 Indonesia5.84Official estimate
4 Pakistan4.39UN Projection
5 Bangladesh3.617Official population clock
6 Russia3.19Annual official estimate
7 Japan2.81Monthly official estimate
8 Philippines2.23Official estimate
9 Vietnam2.03Official estimate
10 Iran1.74Official population clock
11 Turkey1.73Official estimate
12 Thailand1.51National Statistical Office
13 Myanmar1.26National annual Projection
14 South Korea1.12Monthly National Estimate
15 Iraq0.81National Annual Projection
16 Afghanistan0.70Official estimate
17 Uzbekistan0.69Official estimate
18 Saudi Arabia0.59Official estimate
19 Malaysia0.69Official population clock
20 Yemen0.59Official estimate
21   Nepal0.62Official estimate
22 North Korea0.57National Annual Projection
23 Taiwan0.52Monthly official estimate
24 Sri Lanka0.51Live Population
25 Kazakhstan0.42Official estimate
26 Syria0.39Monthly official estimate
27 Cambodia0.332019 census result
28 Jordan0.15Official estimate
29 Azerbaijan0.21Official estimate
30 Tajikistan0.19Official estimate
31 United Arab Emirates0.20Official estimate
32 Israel0.19Monthly official estimate
33 Hong Kong0.16Official estimate
34 Lebanon0.09Official estimate[permanent dead link]
34 Kyrgyzstan0.13Official estimate
35 Laos0.15Preliminary 2015 census result
36 Singapore0.12Official estimate
37 Turkmenistan0.112012 census result
38 Palestine0.10Official estimate
39 Oman0.09Official population clock
40 Kuwait0.09Official estimate
41 Georgia0.08Official estimate
42 Mongolia0.08Official population clock
43 Armenia0.07Monthly official estimate
44 Qatar0.05Monthly official estimate
45 Timor-Leste (East Timor)0.03Preliminary 2015 census result
46 Bahrain0.04Bahrain 2020 Census
47 Bhutan0.02Official population clock
48 Macau0.01Official estimate

Maldives0.01National Bureau of Statistics
50 Brunei0.01National Annual Estimate
Total 48 countries100.00
The POPULATION chart link

GDP (PPP),$63.35 trillion GDP (nominal),$34.39 trillion.GDP per capita $7,850

The above table shows the capacity of business relation with the nearest and geographical environment through its population.

Why there is a need for Asia aim is to join the business accessibility according to geography and climate-changing.

Asia Business Insider

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an important loop in the larger chain of the Belt and Road Initiative and would enable the possibility of a 21st Century Maritime Silk Route. It carries the vision of opening up and cooperating between the two countries. We should work in concert and move towards the objectives of mutual benefit and common security.

To be specific, we need to improve the region’s infrastructure, and put in place a secure and efficient network of land, sea, and air passages, lifting their connectivity to a higher level; further enhancing trade and investment facilitation, establishing a network of free trade areas that meet high standards, maintain closer economic ties, and deepen political trust; enhance cultural exchanges; encourage different civilizations to learn from each other and flourish together; and promote mutual understanding, peace and friendship among people of both countries. by/Mr. He Lifeng.   Chairman of National Development & Reform Commission – China

 World war and new challenges


Since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, there have been widespread fears and long-standing fears of a possible third world war between nuclear powers. World War III is generally considered to be the second world war. It is often suggested that it would be a nuclear war and that it would be even worse and more violent than the First and Second World Wars. according to these statements, we can judge that it is really true.

Dealing with future problems related to word war or business diversity around the world shows that there is a need to find new ways to overcome failures in your succeed.

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by/Amina Iqbal the senior editor and writer